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We understand the importance of caring for every aspect of your health, including dermatologic conditions that require treatment.
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Medical Dermatology Clinic Cliffside Park NJ


Our Cliffside dermatologist, physicians, clinicians, and staff members at our facility offer expert treatment of all skin conditions. We understand the importance of maintaining your health and treating dermatologic issues in order to maintain and improve your overall health and wellness.

We specialize in conditions of the scalp and hair, including treatments for hair thinning and hair loss using PRP, platelet-rich plasma. These injections will improve the volume and thickness of your hair and restore a more youthful appearance. This procedure can restore hair growth for both men and women. PRP therapy will achieve natural-looking results using your body’s own plasma. PRP hair augmentation utilizes a fine needed to inject plasma from your own blood into the scalp, resulting in amazing results and hair regrowth while treatments are continued.

We utilize laser surgery to treat onychomycosis, the fungus of the nails. Age and medical conditions are often causing this nail fungus to occur. Topical treatments can take months to years to fully eliminate this condition, whereas laser treatments can create a solution in far less time and effort on the patient’s part. We offer consultations to discuss laser treatment for nail conditions to improve the appearance of discoloration and eliminate nail fungus permanently.

Our facility also performs skin surgeries on cysts, lipomas, and keloids. We understand the importance of caring for every aspect of your health, including dermatologic conditions that require treatment. While these conditions are rarely a medical concern, they are easily removed to improve the cosmetic appearance of your body and boost your confidence.

We specialize in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis. Dermatitis conditions can be painful and unsightly. Often times, patients feel a need to hide these conditions. However, we specialize in the care and treatment of eczema and psoriasis to improve our patient’s lives. We will identify your symptoms, diagnose your skin condition, and create a personalized treatment plan designed for your specific needs. Treatments have become safer, more effective, and available to everyone.

Our office also specializes in the treatment of acne, redness, inflammation, and acne scarring. We understand how acne affects a person’s confidence and how important it is to face the day with a bright, clear face. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and procedures to treat and eliminate acne and the scarring that can occur over time. You will receive personalized care and treatment in our office without having to leave for procedures. We can help to improve your skin’s tone, complexion, and overall appearance and will be happy to consult with you regarding your acne treatment, prevention, and options for skin rejuvenation.

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