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Misconceptions about Acne Treatment

1.  Greasy Foods:  There is very little data to support the idea that oily foods like pizza and fries have an impact on your skin.  While it’s generally a good idea to eat healthily, everything you eat gets broken down by your digestive system and does not impact oil production in your face.

2.  Spot treatments:  while it may be tempting to use one of those zit patches, spot treatments generally don’t work well for acne.  Acne is a chronic inflammatory disease of your hair follicles, and it’s much better to use creams applied to the entire face to prevent *future* breakouts.  If you’ve got a troublesome pimple, you could always get a small cortisone injection to calm it down, but I would reserve this for acne emergencies only.

3.  Acne creams work right away.  Most creams, especially retinoids like adapalene or tretinoin can take months to change how your skin grows to stop making acne.  Be patient and discuss your concerns with your dermatologist.  Thanks to modern medicine there are now so many wonderful acne treatments available so you don’t have to suffer for too much longer 😉.

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